The Story Behind Your Brand Is Powerful


We are a specialized Social Media Marketing Agency who pride ourselves in connecting Functional Wellness Professionals with passionate patients who prioritize their physical, mental and emotional health. We work with you, respond to your inquiries quickly and take a holistic view of your entire marketing plan so that you receive the guidance necessary to achieve a great ROI while you help your clients on their journey to wellness.

Marketing is not an emergency

When done right, marketing is a...

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Powerful Message

As a brand, it’s important that you stand for something valuable. The message that you spread to your customers needs to be important and powerful.

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Loyal Community

In order to sell something of high value consistently, your brand must have a great story; you must have a community of loyal “fans” and they must understand what it is that your offer will do for them.

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Real Change

If you want to do marketing right, you need to commit to a BIG vision, patience and consistency. Focus on the people you can help right now, the story you want to tell and the change you want to implement long-term.


We want you to reflect back on a moment that scared you and inspired you all at the same time. Maybe in this moment, you were perched at the top of a snow-covered mountain with your feet secured in the bindings of boots while your frozen fingers trembled inside your mitts. Or maybe in this moment, you were a mere speck in the ocean, straddling your surfboard, trying to eliminate the thought of sharks circling your dangling feet while a giant swell begins to form behind you.

In both instances, you likely gave yourself a pep-talk to remember why you chose to embark in this adventure in the first place, or maybe you told yourself that it is okay to just hop back on the chairlift and ride it back down the mountain, or paddle back to the safe beach ahead. In the moment that you decided to tighten your bindings and put your goggles on to take that line down the mountain, or pulled your feet out of the water, stomach pressed upon the surfboard and prepared your arms to paddle with urgency, you began to feel the power of vulnerability as you let nature guide you on an exhilarating journey. Instantly your adrenaline kicks in and quickly the stress and fears are overcome with pure bliss. You make it to the bottom of the mountain (or to the shore), and wonder why you ever let yourself become scared in the first place. You now walk away with confidence and a new sense of accomplishment for not allowing yourself to paddle back to shore or ride the chairlift down the mountain.

When you work with us at Pure Life Digital, we make it our goal to ensure that every single one of our clients feels confident in their decision to team up with an agency that understands the initial fear of committing and executing the correct plan for their unique marketing strategy.

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By choosing to only work with businesses that we truly believe in, we can ensure that our integrity remains intact and can go into each collaboration with confidence that we can deliver the results that you deserve.

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We give 100% effort and believe in mutual success. When our clients see results, then we know we have succeeded in creating and implementing a kick-butt marketing plan.

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We are a small agency with a large network which means that we work 1:1 to ensure that no gaps are left untouched in your marketing plan.


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ElizabethSmall Business Owner
Working with Kat was not only a joy but educational as well! With her knowledge and detailed oriented eye, she was able to see how making simple changes could increase performance as well as streamline the process for my business. I feel that she wasn't just "another company" to work with but an actual person that understands not only the process but the emotions that goes into owning a business.
testimonial person image
Working with Kat has been a great investment to my business! She is highly responsive and has so much integrity, truly wanting the best for her clients. If you are looking for someone to help you with beautiful funnel design and ads management, Pure Life Digital is your answer!
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KentFunctional Health Practitioner
Punctual, professional and passionate. These are three words I would use to describe Pure Life Digital. Cory went above and beyond to provide valuable feedback for my website and definitely "knows his stuff" when it comes to understanding the best types of ads to run for my company.